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The New Quay Memorial Hall

Tel: Sharon on 01545 560066 - Email:

The Memorial Hall is now managed by a fully constituted committee of community volunteers on behalf of the people of New Quay and the surrounding area.

It is vitally important that people use the hall as much as possible to ensure its future.

If your local organisation, group, charity or club wishes to rent the hall for an event, please contact the booking clerk.

What's on?

Boxercise - classes every Thursday 7.30 to 8.30 - £3 - 07789906193
Badminton & Table Tennis Monday 7pm-9pm
Dance School Tues & Wed 4pm-8pm
Clonc Wednesday 10.30-12.00pm
Yoga Thursday 9.45-11.00am
New Quay Market Friday 10.00 -12.00pm
ARC Friday 9.30-12.00pm

WEEKLY LOTTO (Win £20) Friday 10.30-12.00pm
(Profits helps subsidise the running of the Hall)

Fred Davies Auctioneers Monthly Furniture Auction
Crafts Monthly -
The Women’s Institute 2nd Thursday in Month
The Gardening Club 1st Tuesday in month 2-4pm
New Quay Town Council Last Monday of month - (Public may attend)
British Legion Every 2 Months / AGM November
Snooker Club - Annual Membership Access 7 days week

British Legion Service of Remembrance, Fund Raising Concerts, Markets, Pantomime & School Concerts

THE MEMORIAL HALL COMMITTEE is made up of local residents & volunteers
New members & volunteers welcome


Commercial Rates - Commercial activities for private or personal gain, sessions held by public bodies, dances, discos, socials and parties.

Local Clubs/Organisations - Functions arranged by organisations, other than public bodies, the purpose of which is not for private or business gain, with the exception of dances and discos. Includes external organisations partly or fully funded by the Council.

A Registered Charity - A club or organisation, which is registered with the Charity Commission and can furnish an official charity number.

(Booking times to include setting up and clearing away)

For bookings and enquiries contact Sharon Evans Booking clerk on: Tel: 01545 560 066 or Email: