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 New Quay, West Wales - 100 years ago.


If you have old photos or postcards that you would like to share with our visitors, please email a copy to display here. Many photographs of New Quay and Aberaeron have survived thanks to the work of local photographers specialising in post cards. Some of these are Charles H. Dierks and Shirley Brooks. They had premises at 9 George Street in New Quay and at 19 Alban Square Aberaeron around 1910. Another local photographer was Tom Desmond of Priory Street Cardigan.

George STreet

George Street

Church Street

Church Street

The Pier was built after 1834 when Daniel Beynon was invited to submit a plan which was carried out after the formation of the New Quay Harbour Company. The small stone lighthouse, 30 feet high, was not built until 1839 and was placed at the end of the pier. It was known locally as the 'Pepper Pot' - an item that it clearly resembled. 

Bathing tents

Bathing tents on the Harbour beach


SS Atalanta visits New Quay, 1917

A severe storm in 1859 damaged the pier and washed the lighthouse away. It was rebuilt but destroyed a second time almost 80 years later during another severe storm on 28th February 1937. The New Quay Regatta was first held in 1874 when the larger fishing boats raced for a silver cup. There were also many other events including rowboats, sculling, swimming and climbing a greasy pole over water.

Sailing boats

Sailing boats by the pier

Regatta day

Regatta Day.

Visitors had been coming to New Quay in small numbers aboard steamers from Liverpool and Bristol. However, the increased ease of transportation by land into the area, brought about the next phase of New Quay's development. Lodging houses started to appear in New Quay and visitors wrote glowingly of its benefits. One visitor wrote in the 'Christian World' of 1885: ' ..a little town, white in the bright sunshine, built along the steep sides of a shimmering Bay.....this little town was the quaintest most picturesque one could wish to see.

The Sands

The sands and lifeboat house

Hill Street

Hill Street

The first printed Guide book to New Quay was :'Being a short description of New Quay as a watering Place,' printed in Lampeter by the Welsh Press in 1885.

The Dolau

The Fisherman' Rest - now the 'Dolau'


John Street - the property is 'Cliffside'

Horse drawn buses brought visitors from the stations at Aberystwyth and Llandysul in the 1890's. It is noted that by 1895 New Quay had some 10,000 visitors in the year.

High Terrace

High Terrace

New Quay

New Quay from the pier

The earliest motorised bus system was set up by Great Western Railways who established a line from Aberystwyth to Carmarthen in 1860. The buses served to connect various communities to the railways. In 1911, the station was opened at Aberaeron to connect with the Aberystwyth to Carmarthen line at Lampeter.

GWR bus

GWR bus 1907


New Quay charabanc 1907