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Update on the Memorial Hall renovations 2020

The Memorial Hall in New Quay was built in 1925 to remember those who left the town, never to return after World Wars 1 and 2. It has been well used for many years by the community with shows, dances, films, markets and clubs .The Hall has a wonderful auditorium and balcony seating upstairs, plus lots of rooms downstairs for meetings, clubs and events. However the Hall is showing it's age and was threatened with closure by the County Council in 2018 due to cost cutting. Now the local community have reclaimed the building, are setting up a new leasing arrangement, fundraising, and organising a new lease of life for the hall.

A grant has now been awarded by the Welsh Assembly to renovate the very damp ground floor, replace all the doors and windows, new accessible toilets, and a new roof with solar panels. There is now some urgency to complete this first phase of work as soon as possible. Further funding will be needed to complete the auditorium renovation later this year.

Before the builders could start in early January , volunteers removed almost everything from the ground floor rooms.

The builders started work  by removing the plaster from the lower section of all walls on the ground floor, in preparation for the new floor and damp course.

fireplaceWhen the plaster was removed from the old kitchen area, the outline of an old fireplace could be seen. After a bit of research it became clear that this had originally been the Town Reading Room scaffolding where newspapers were delivered for the ships Captains to meet and catch up on world events.

The chimney was probably removed in 1937 after a fire (caused by a lightning storm ) destroyed most of the roof.

The remains of the chimney has just been found as the roof work continues this week.

Meanwhile weekend volunteer working parties have been organised to help remove all the downstairs doors, doorframes, skirting boards, built in units, shelving, toilets and old kitchen units. Also the mammoth task of removing all the old woodchip wallpaper.

This week the scaffolding has gone up and now surrounds three sides of the Hall  and the new battens are in place ready for the new roof.

Electricians are also at work inside  the Hall installing new LED lighting, heating (soon) and new wiring.

The Hall will be closed for all events and meetings from February 1st . so that the renovation can continue as quickly as possible.

The 35 new windows and doors are being installed from next Monday Feb 3rd.and should take 2 to 3 weeks . The plumbers will also be installing new accessible toilets both downstairs and upstairs during February and March.


The Hall has had the roof stripped and the
battens  laid ready for the new slates and solar panels.

Monday February 3rd, the new double glazed windows
have been delivered and are ready for installation.

Tuesday February 11th - Most of the windows have now been replaced in the main hall. Ground floor windows next. 

Friday February 14th - The solar panels are now in place on both sides of the roof. just in time before the storms!

Downstairs, the new floor insulation is in place and the screed will be laid later this week.

Monday February 17th. Work is continuing on the new plumbing upstairs, also the new store room for the market has been started in the foyer area where the chairs used to be stored.

The original store room will be the new accessible toilet. The electricians are also busy with the new wiring and the upstairs windows are almost complete.

Thursday February 27th. Floor screed now finished. Builders are now working on the ground floor wall render.

New heating system being installed.


Thursday March 5th. Windows now mostly finished, upstairs toilets almost completely replaced, auditorium walls are being prepared for painting and outside painting almost complete, the Wi-Fi and solar panels are now working. Downstairs snooker room being prepared for new floor next week. Also downstairs walls being rendered ready for plastering.

  Lots more photos of the work in progress can be found on the Facebook page

Neuadd Goffa Cei Newydd / New Quay Memorial Hall